1.You need to save all offense and defense units at least until lvl 30. Do all the daily quests faithfully.  They are free and risk free.

  2. Do all ten raids a day spy easy castles or send 1 pikeman first to make sure it's safe to raid or spy for resources don't go in blind.  It’s ok to raid “bot castles” that has been sieged.  They are the ones that have strange names such as t42pxhrpo. 

3. Use your resources to complete as many daily quests that involve building units constructing buildings and upgrading them that you have time for that use your 10 raids a day it will help support your upgrades. whatever is left over you don't use to upgrade buildings train units with complete your quests that can be found on the left side of your castle game menu. This gives you resources and offense and defense units. Send units to the catacombs and build more units. By level 30 you will have close to 100k offense and 50k defense.

When upgrading buildings, only upgrade three as far as you can. The game will give you quests for upgrading and you will be able to get all your rewards This goes for farms, townhouses and mines.

4.Start upgrading your farms so that you don't have to worry about going into the negative in food production. All units that are kept in your army are based on how much food you produce per hour minus the amount of food all your units consume per hour. When you get to the point you see that you start consuming more than you produce work on upgrading your farms.  When you get at least one farm to level 10 and you obtain the Water of Life in the Lost Arts you can obtain the Spring of Life. This can increase your food production by 25%.   

Eventually in the Obelisk of Power you can reduce food consumption even further.  If you need resources while you are building do all your personal quests and raid at least 10 times a day.  Don’t necessarily go after active players but target bot castles that have been sieged or not.  It may be helpful to send a note along to the one that has it sieged to let them know that it’s not personal, just playing the game.  Rarely has it turned out bad when you do this and expect them to do the same to yours.

5. Start working on your feat of valor this can be found in your castle menu at the top left it's the symbol of a crown on it. Once in feats of valor menu the last tab to the right battles are the ones you want to work on immediately once you have enough food produced p/h to feed 200 silent ones, 15 griffons, 30 dwarves. you want the level 4 cloak and daggers complete and the lvl 5 lord protector which require simply sending one spy to a nearby castle repeatedly 1360 times and then sending defense as reinforcements to a safe castle of a friend repeatedly sending as much as you can send at once until 860 units have been sent as reinforcements. SAVE EVERYTHING IN YOUR CATACOMBS.

Snowballing to success.

1. All your hard work start to pay off here you start upgrading your lost arts before you got too far in battle grounds. Get all lost arts to lvl 20 as quickly as possible.  This will make battle grounds easier and your overall unit base stats higher, your dark essence benefits increase with fully upgraded lvl 20 lost arts.

2. Starting Battle Grounds: By this point you will have received a good head start from your quests receiving lots of units and resources these resources will help build you a good size army of pikemen/paladins and archers/dwarves. Save all other units until the day comes you can train these units in your castle ex.: Dragons/Necromancers and Griffons/Golems. you want at least 500 each of offense units and defense units for battle grounds. use offense for attacking defense for defending BG's

 About Battle Grounds

   A. BG's are for reducing food consumption by sending units to die at BG's increasing the reward received once completed by killing off the weak in your army that consume more food for less offense in trade for higher offense for lesser food consumption like killing 10 pikemen that consume 1 food p/h equaling 10 food p/h offense value 450 for 1 dragon that has 4 food consumption p/h offense value 1680. Your highest level BG you only receive 1 new higher level you haven't received that day once a day it will always give you a reward when done always all of your lower level BG's will take around 4 completions of before getting a reward. The reward changes based on what units you used and how many have died. using knights will give a payout in wyverns. The reward is further increased the more BG's are left un finished but you have lost as many units as possible without completing those BG's. BG's reward with resources if you have enough for the amount of resources rewarded which varies deepening on BG level.

B. Starting your battle grounds off with lvl 1 you will need to use 60 to 140 offense. The more of lower units you kill off the more offense you will receive in return in better units. Start by sending 50 the least amount possible to almost complete it. Oberon will send you a message saying all your units have died and it is time for the finishing strike you will notice the color is yellow it's there representing the health being at the lowest possible. Green is the highest amount of health and red is in the middle. to finish now you must send double the remainder of offense that is 90 which is 180 offenses to finish off the battle ground and receive a reward.

 C.  Only use Archers, dwarves, paladins, nomads, barbarians, knights, great lords  Only use the ones you can train in your castle not the units you win from BG's or quests. Your first wave is the wave you want to get slaughtered the higher the level of battle grounds the more waves you'll want to send as much as 4 waves the final wave is what you have to use twice as many units on whatever is left at the battleground so you want this number to be low why so many waves are used so you can double what's left easier adjusting calculations. 

D.  30,000- 150,000 off/def do battle ground lvl 8-lvl 12 only.

    150,000-250,000 do battle grounds lvl 12- lvl 25

E.  For a Battle Ground spreadsheet go here. 

When doing BG's you should never use units that you did not train or anything higher than cavalry really or the reward won't be good for you ever until the higher levels where it would take you too long to save up to complete using only cavalry units. in wave 1 you send 50% of the required force using the link above as a key. in wave 2 you send 100%. if you use infantry you get rewarded in cavalry if you use cavalry you get occult or bestiary. train infantry and cavalry until you have the required force for completion and then use the percentage of the force depending on the wave. you save units by doing it in multiple waves and have a idea of your limit.  Your highest bg will give you a reward if there's a quest for it always. if there's no quest for the BG's you  want to beat then it can take 3-5 BG's before you get any reward.

4. Raiding

   A. You start your day with 10 raids you gain around 1 every 2 hours.

   B. Each raid maxes at 50,000 resources gained each raid.  1500 paladins caring capacity is around 50k resources. You can only raid someone for 50k resources each week. so you have a total of 70 raids each week. You want to check every castle in a 20 mile radius once you finished checking all of them choose the easiest and most resourceful ones to be in your weekly raids extend this territory if you still are not receiving enough resources.

   C. You want to lose the least amount of units as possible when raiding so that the resources can be used to further your growth. You can save spies and use paladins to see if a castle is guarded. It's safer for you castle if you raid inactive players over level 30 and players who are not in leagues or negative in raid points on their profiles.

5. Sieges

   A. You can have up to 3 sieged castles as fifes.  It is best to find a high ranking player who has left the game or get a robot (bot) castle.  Harvest either gold or iron and check on it often.  They are subject to being raided for resources so don't get too attached to them, just siege them back after you raid them yourself. 

   B. Sieging active players.  This should only be done when wanting to cripple someone's castle or overall league stats. Once a castle is sieged in order to un siege it they need to use offense that equals more than whatever defense of the enemy is at your castle. they would have had to use a offense force when sieging unless no defense was guarding the castle being sieged same rules apply for settlements and beacons. Once sieged, the offense is recalled and defense is left for the enemy to deal with.

6.Castle Defense

1)  Your first priority is to build your Catacomb to level 20 as quickly as possible.

2)  Always ensure your troops are put into Catacombs when you log out.
3) Spend most of your resources before you log out to the max your Catacombs will preserve.  The higher, the more resources it will store.  If you see an incoming raid and you got carts in your market, sell your resources at a very high price so it will still be there when the raid is over, then cancel the sale.
4)   Ensure you have some archers on hand, say 50. 
5) Start accumulating Spies and don’t hide them away in Catacombs.  Add Sentries (from Fortifications) on top of Towers or Gates. These will deter the enemy from spying on you. 
6)  leave out around 10 spies and check often for spy attempts or incoming raids.
7)   Look strong! have the stats on your profile page offense points, defense points   and raid points at, at least a mil.