Battle Plan

The would is available to see by clicking on the globe Icon in the world view.  Unclick everything but league members to see where your members are.  Friend everyone in your immediate area and send them an archer.

     Captains  or any player who is playing in that area can see what is going on with each other and can send defensive troops when one of the members are under attack quickly.  Remember, most of these contests are won by defense rather than attacks.  Making sure that there is a large defensive force in play gives a greater amount of points than the raiding party if they loose.  Defensive troops sent to a league member travel four times faster than the approaching army.  The higher rank defensive troops the faster they generally go so don't send slow troops along with higher level, it would be better to send them in waves.  If the incoming troops are a siege then it may be possible to hit them again after they arrive because defensive troops sent to someone who is occupied by offensive troops can wipe them out quite easily.

     Any member under lever 30 is an easy target so it is important to keep all players in the catacombs at all times.  If sent out on a raid, return them to the catacombs as soon as they get back or they will be destroyed by a raid.  If there is notice that there is an incoming raid the time of arrival and the location of the target needs to be put on league chat right away so everyone nearby can come to the aid.  Even if it is far away, troops can arrive from other members.    

     Fake raids consist of sending one pikeman as a siege to multiple targets.  After they get used to fake raids a real raid can be sent once they lulled into thinking that they are nothing. 

     A trap is when a siege is successful with only a few troops and a huge army of reinforcements are sent knowing that they will come to the rescue.

     is most important to communicate and keep an eye on everything.